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Individual Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax laws, tax forms, and informational IRS reporting requirements can be complex. The difficulty and risks of falling out of compliance with these laws and requirements grows exponentially as the number of personal and business circumstances with a tax implication increase.

We will give you access to year-round questions, guidance, create specific transaction plans, or resolve tax problems.​

Tax Return Preparation and Tax Planning Services in Orange County


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4840 Irvine Blvd, Ste 205, Irvine, CA 92620


Tel:  (949) 200-7676 / (949) 200-7746

Fax: (888) 900-8614

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The best way to avoid tax issues is to file timely and accurate tax returns. That’s our approach and there are several steps we build in to accomplish that goal.

  • We make every effort to avoid the need to file tax extensions delaying the preparation of the return. We prioritize finishing the return when others would just file an extension and prepare the return later.

  • When an extension can’t be avoided, we work with you to create an accurate estimate of taxes owed so you can pay on time and avoid interest and penalties.

  • We work with you to answer the setup questions that come with a new venture or a change in employment status. We help you determine what forms need to be filed so the IRS has correct information about your status, or to make sure you’ve formed your new venture under the right type of legal entity.

  • We work with you regarding the tax implications of your investments in stocks and bonds to make sure you’re holding them in the most tax advantageous accounts, and that you’ve made the best elections for how gains and losses will be calculated.

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